HYPR to Demo Decentralized Authentication Solutions at CES and ShowStoppers at CES

NEW YORKJan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- HYPR Corp., the leading provider of enterprise-facing decentralized authentication, announced that it will live demo three experiences at ShowStoppers at CES to showcase how HYPR is being deployed across the Fortune 500 to prevent future breaches that dominated 2017 headlines.

By eliminating the need to centralize biometrics, PINs and passwords, HYPR decentralized authentication solutions provide enterprises an innovative approach to eliminating fraud and reducing the risk of large-scale credentials breaches. The centralized authentication problem is a leading concern among industry leaders seeking to combat hackers and prevent major breaches. With large customers, such as Mastercard, and over 25 million users secured across the Fortune 500, HYPR has chosen CES to demonstrate the power, use cases and benefits of decentralized security.

The three-in-one omni-channel demo will convey how decentralized authentication is securing consumer banking, employee access, and even ATM access.

The HYPR showcase includes some of the leading use cases for decentralized access:

  • Consumer access to online and mobile banking applications, leveraging iPhone X for fingerprint, voice and facial recognition.
  • Employee access to a Windows desktop workstation leveraging the latest Samsung Note 8 for iris and fingerprint recognition.
  • An Internet-of-Things demo with HYPR partner, Diebold-Nixdorf showcasing how next-generation, card-less ATMs are accessed with biometric mobile devices to prevent card-skimming and eliminate fraud.

Learn more about how HYPR decentralized authentication is empowering security, privacy and usability in HYPR's most recent white paper, 'The Future is Decentralized' — jointly written by HYPR and Alan Goode of Goode Intelligence.